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6 AI TED Talks You Must See

Gain insights from the experts on where artificial intelligence is taking business and society

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are working their way into the enterprise, unlocking new efficiencies and cost savings at every turn. Organizations cite the ability to obtain more customers, reach new markets, and gain insights from transactional data among the techs’ benefits.

But that’s just where we are now. What can we expect longer term for the future of the enterprise and its workforce?

We’ve gathered six of the best AI-themed TED Talks from recent years for the answer.

The Jobs We’ll Lose to Machines and the Ones We Won’t

In this talk, machine-learning expert Anthony Goldbloom reduces the debate about which jobs will be eliminated by AI and machine learning to one elegant question.

The Rise of Human and Computer

Shyam Sankar, an advocate of human-computer symbiosis, sees not just conflict when it comes to AI and human ingenuity, but collaboration. In this talk, Sankar contends that computers alone won’t solve the world’s problems, but the right machine-human duo will.

The Wonderful and Terrifying Implications of Computers That Can Learn

What does deep learning mean for the future of computer training? In this talk, advanced machine-learning expert Jeremy Howard details how deep learning will change the way computers compute.

Inventor Ray Kurzweil on How Technology Will Transform Us

In this oldie-but-goodie talk from 2005, futurist Ray Kurzweil explains how technology that is becoming exponentially more powerful every year will enable the successful reverse-engineering of the human brain. He predicted this to happen by the 2020s. Watch and decide whether his predictions seem likely to arrive on schedule.

How AI Can Bring on a Second Industrial Revolution

While the precise path to get there may not be predictable, it’s inevitable that AI will usher in a second industrial revolution in the next few decades, says technology writer Kevin Kelly. In this talk, he breaks down the trends you need to understand to be able to embrace AI.

What Happens When our Computers Get Smarter Than We Are?

Artificial intelligence may be the last invention we ever need to create, says technology Nick Bostrom. In this talk, Bostrom asks us to consider the world we are building and what AI may mean for the world of the future.

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