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CIOs: Pace of Work Will Double by 2025 and Access Control Can’t Keep Up

More remote work, more bots, and more devices are increasingly causing bottlenecks at login.

To enable business workforces to weather the future of work in the next decade, CIOs know that they’re going to have to do everything faster. In fact, a new report out this week shows that more than half of CIOs believe the pace of business at their organizations will need to double by 2025.

Conducted among 100 CIOs of companies with at least 5,000 employees, the study by OneLogin showed that many enterprises are currently unable to facilitate the kind of flexible, work-from-anywhere, bot-assisted workforce models that go hand-in-hand with a more speedy pace of business. In the next six years, remote work will increase significantly at 58 percent of organizations and the study cited other research that shows workplace flexibility is a crucial issue for today’s digital workers when evaluating employers.

With a growing army of remote workers accessing an increasingly large cloud portfolio of platforms, SaaS services, and data, that’s creating bottlenecks for CIOs who’re still managing access through traditional models. Around 85 percent of CIOs admitted that poor access management was causing friction in their workforce’s pace of work. According to Garrett Bekker of 451 Research, modern firms are going to need to start evolving access control to match the huge shifts in workforce behavior.

“The user community has expanded, consisting of employees, partners, contractors, consultants, customers, and, increasingly, ‘non-humans’ like bots,” Bekker explains. “Further, ‘human’ users are no longer confined to their desks, but increasingly work from a variety of locations, including home offices or coffee shops, and are accessing resources that can be located virtually anywhere. Access control solutions that fail to take this diversity into account will be found lacking.”

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