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Dive Deep Early in Digital Transformation

Enterprises seeking to establish digital maturity would do well to focus more on depth than on breadth. Innovation experts with Deloitte recently broke down how digital transformation and digital maturity are driven by seven ‘digital pivots,’ competencies in areas like business model adaptability, unified customer experience and data mastery. They judge digital maturity based on how systematically and broadly an organization executes on those pivots.

However, in the early stages of transformation they advise smart prioritization. That starts by focusing on what they call the foundational pivots: flexible, secure infrastructure; data mastery; and digitally savvy, open talent networks. With those pivots in motion, they say an organization should pick a single business function and go for a comprehensive digital transformation with all seven pivots in that single area.

Focusing on transforming back-office operational functions first is less risky, whereas focusing on customer-facing functions may produce market impact more quickly…This approach helps organizations build confidence in their ability to execute the pivots. And it allows leaders of other functional areas to observe the benefits of transformation achieved by those who have gone first.


To read more about the seven pivots and digital transformation prioritization, check out the full Deloitte Insights report.


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