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Domino’s Proves How Important Data Modernization is to Everything Digital

One of the darlings of digital transformation, Domino’s Pizza has gotten to the point where it’s driving 60% of its incoming orders from digital channels. The company has been continuously improving its digital capabilities for the better part of a decade now, with no signs of slowing down. According to Diginomica, the company is full steam ahead on perfecting voice ordering and last month launched a breakthrough new initiative called Hotspots that will enable mobile users to order up pizza to 200,000 delivery locations like parks and beaches that don’t have traditional addresses.

Underpinning all of this has been Domino’s commitment to supporting customer experience improvements through modernized data infrastructure. According to Dan Djuric, vice president of global infrastructure and enterprise information management for Dominos, the lynchpin for it all has been the ability to ingest, standardize, and create a single source of truth for customer data:

Our direct-to-consumer market is very prevalent. Our ability to understand how the consumer interacts with us has also been one of the key pivotal changes that we’ve seen our business go through. Understanding how our consumers are interacting with us has driven us to be able to understand how to cater and surgically entice consumers from a marketing campaign standpoint.

-Dan Djuric, vice president of global infrastructure and enterprise information management, Dominos


For more details on Domino’s data modernization, check out the full article from Diginomica.

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