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Enterprises Turn Up the Volume on Voice Commerce

As enterprises look for new channels to extend their reach to consumers, voice technology and smart speaker apps are on the cusp of widespread adoption. A new study from Adobe Analytics shows that 91% of organizations report they’re making significant investments in voice, and by the end of the year more than two in five companies will have released some kind of voice service for smart speaker platforms. One Adobe executive told that the voice market has reached a “tipping point,” with market dynamics that echo those of the mobile technology space back in 2007:

“Many have doubted the potential of voice-based shopping because they expected it to drive activity in the same way that websites do. A similar misconception happened when mobile shopping began to take off. Similar to mobile, voice has the ability to support the overall shopping experience. It certainly has the potential to drive new purchases, and brands are focusing on that. But even more important is how services like order tracking, quick refills, and product research can create more loyal shoppers who may close the deal elsewhere.”

–Heidi Besik, group product marketing manager at Adobe


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