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Putting HR at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Consensus has it that people and not technology are at the heart of digital transformation. To reimagine business models and embed digital capabilities into business processes, organizations need the right mix of people who’ve got the mindset and the skillset get over the hump of corporate inertia.

As such, this puts the function of human resources front-and-center, argues Ashish Deshpande CEO and Founder of HR automation firm frevvo.

Infusing digital into your organization ultimately comes down to your people. The workforce must embrace new paradigms like collaboration, sharing, and empowerment rather than old hierarchical, siloed structures. This means upskilling existing employees so that they’re comfortable with both technologies as well as new ways of working together. It means strategically hiring with an eye towards 21st-century skills like teamwork and culture.


Deshpande argues HR is going to need to take a dual role in digital transformation. Not only must HR pros recruit and train the right mix of people with an equal measure of technical and business skills, but they’ve also got to digitize the HR function itself. Just as the business is transforming itself to improve customer experience, HR needs to help the organization enable a transformational workforce by improving employee experience, he says.

Today, organizations succeed by improving the customer experience. HR is no different; the biggest challenge is improving the employee experience so that the organization can attract and retain world-class talent. Younger, digitally savvy workers are used to sharing information in a transparent way and to slick, always-on, self-service experiences. Just like their personal lives, they expect an integrated, digital experience in the workplace and a focus on collaboration, individual empowerment, and instant, 24×7 access.


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