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Random Acts of Digital Won’t Change an Organization

There is no single piece of technology that will shift an organization from the inertia of traditional operational models into the dynamic state of digitally enabled progress. Scott Buchholz and Kavitha Prabhakar of Deloitte say that at a minimum there are nine technological forces that run through the fabric of innovation today: cloud, analytics, digital experience, blockchain, cognitive, digital reality, core modernization, cyber, and running IT like a business.

That’s a lot of parts that need to move in synchronicity, and yet too many organizations take a shotgun approach. Buchholz and Prabhakar write about the dangers of doing this for a government audience, but the wisdom holds true for business and tech leaders no matter the vertical in which they operate.

With so many forces at play, individual and narrowly focused efforts often amount to “random acts of digital.” They may move the needle in a few bright spots, but they may miss the mark in terms of broader, more lasting change.


Leading organizations, on the other hand, achieve more purposeful results through a thoughtful intersection of technology forces. They create innovative combinations that have real, lasting impact on operating models and performance.



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