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Customer Engagement

The CIO and Customer Experience

Understanding how the head of IT should be in charge of driving compelling interactions with customers

Today’s digital leaders will tell you that customer experience is tantamount to true digital resilience. Without one you can’t have the other. Forward-looking CIOs are recognizing this fact and restructuring their strategies to account for it.

Michael Krigsman of CXOTalk recently sat down with one such IT leader, Logitech CIO Massimo Rapparini, in a forthright interview about the role CIOs should be playing in spearheading quality customer experience. As Rapparini explained, with so much technology acting as the main interface between an organization and its customers, IT has gradually evolved into a position where it has the most exposure to customers of any enterprise function.

“There’s no function besides customer support that has as many touchpoints directly with customers as that function does. I think the opportunity there is how you use digital to make these touch points really compelling, drive things like customer loyalty, and really reinforce the identity of the brand,” he said. “I think that’s what’s exciting, and I think that’s also where there is this intersection between classic IT and digital platforms, and more customer-facing type of functions.”

Interestingly, Rapparini is also Logitech’s head of customer experience. As he told CXOTalk, this means not just putting out quality digital products, but also beefing up the choices of customer service interactions to match what they expect in this digital day and age.

“Consumers’ expectations are changing,” Rapparini said. For example, consumers buying Logitech products for their gaming needs is probably going to expect something more than just a traditional call-in help desk or a static FAQ.

“People that actually are into those products are also expecting different interactions using platforms online like social, like Twitch and Steam, and looking at ways that they can copy configurations of gaming setups that others have with their products that they bought from Logitech,” he said. “And so if you have all that and then our customer engagement capabilities are still simply, ‘Give us a call and there’ll be an agent that tries to walk you through a few troubleshooting steps,’ it’s not as compelling as what [they] would expect.”

To hear more, check out the video in its entirety below.

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