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The Emerging Technology Driving Digital Transformation of Supply Chains

Gartner experts say that with supply chains becoming “increasingly globalized and more complex,” organizations are turning to a number of key technologies to provide visibility into the partners and transactions involved in the supply chain network. According to Christian Titze, vice president analyst for Gartner, the eight technologies that organizations can’t afford to ignore this year are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • IoT
  • RPA
  • Autonomous Things
  • Digital Twins
  • Immersive Technology
  • Blockchain

Blockchain may be one of the most impactful to supply chains in the near future, according to Titze, as it addresses the visibility problem in three big areas: counterfeiting, traceability, and efficiency of the supply chain.

Although supply-chain-related blockchain initiatives are nascent, with solutions in early stages of development, interest has accelerated significantly during the past year, making blockchain a top trend for supply chain leaders to watch in 2019.


To read more analysis, check out the original Gartner blog post.


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